Kirin Aikido Academy 合氣道喜凛塾
Kirin Aikido Academy 合氣道喜凛塾

Principal Aikido Instruction Staff 指導部

Our principal instructors were educated in Japan by Aikido’s leading masters. 

Patrick at his 5th Dan promotion with Moriteru Ueshiba (3rd Doshu)

Patrick (5th Dan):


Patrick has spent more than 25 years in Aikido, a significant portion of which included daily practice at the Aikido World Headquarters (Aikikai Hombu Dojo) in Japan. Even now, he continues to broaden his training with routine visits to Tokyo as often as 6 times a year. 


Patrick is privileged to have had his primary instruction come directly from three generations of the founder of Aikido’s family including Kisshomaru Ueshiba (2nd Doshu), Moriteru Ueshiba (3rd Doshu), and Mitsuteru Ueshiba (“Waka-sensei”)


At Aikikai Hombu Dojo, he also extensively attended classes taught by master instructors including (9th Dans) Seigo Yamaguchi , Hiroshi Tada, Sadateru Arikawa, Shigenobu Okumura; (8th Dans) Norihiko Ichihashi, Seijuro Masuda, Seishiro Endo, Nobuyuki Watanabe, Shoji Seki; (7th Dans)  Tsuruzo Miyamoto, Yoshiaki Yokota, Hayato Osawa, Shigeru Sugawara, Takanori Kuribayashi, and Takeshi Kanazawa.


Konomi at a Dan promotion ceremony at Aikido World Headquarters with Kisshomaru Ueshiba (2nd Doshu) and Moriteru Ueshiba (3rd Doshu)

Konomi  (3rd Dan)


Konomi started Aikido at the Aikido World Headquarters (Aikikai Hombu Dojo) in Japan. She too is privileged in that, for more than two decades, her primary instruction has come directly from three generations of the Ueshiba family.





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“All Aikido techniques are derived from the same deep principles.” 


Morihei Ueshiba -

Founder of Aikido



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