Kirin Aikido Academy 合氣道喜凛塾
Kirin Aikido Academy 合氣道喜凛塾

Aikido Instruction at Kirin 喜凛塾指導法

Kirin Aikido Academy Dojo


Based in Circle Pines, Minnesota, the mission of the Kirin Academy (喜凛塾) is to provide a world-class education in the martial art of Aikido to select students seeking to dramatically increase both the efficacy of their technique as well as their speed of learning.


Kirin instructors are able to accomplish this via a teaching methodology focused on efficiently transmitting core movements and fundamental principles. As the essential buildings blocks necessary to effectively execute all Aikido techniques, only by understanding these, can a student hope to develop a true mastery of Aikido.


Our principal teaching staff was educated in Japan, at the Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo, under the direct supervision of the arts most renowned exponents, over a period of several decades.  


Kirin Practice 稽古法

Aikido Founder Ueshiba Morihei

The name Kirin (喜凛) translates to “joyful severity” and represents our dedication to promoting Aikido’s philosophy while simultaneously preserving the art's martial integrity. The atmosphere is bright, while the pace of practice is intense, and the execution of technique precise.  


Apply for admission to the Kirin Aikido Academy here.


Testing 審査

Qualified Kirin students regulary test for promotion either in Minnesota or at the Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan according to Aikikai Hombu requirements.

“All Aikido techniques are derived from the same deep principles.” 


Morihei Ueshiba -

Founder of Aikido



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Class Schedule 稽古時間

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